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Our Next 20 Years

As we prepare to move Perry Productions into our first brick and mortar offices ever at The Old Creamery, it is hard not to reflect on the past 21 years in business and what has been the magic formula that has allowed us to thrive, sometimes just survive, and to truly still love what we do.

It begins and ends with Brian and I, our belief in each other, the genuine relationship we build with our clients, and the work ethic we learned from our parents. 
Brian and I moved to Charlotte, NC from Ohio after we both graduated from Ohio University. Here’s a newsflash: it was hard for an English and Art major to find a job in the industry in 1993, so he worked first for Rent-a-Center repossessing VCRs and then at a Debt Collection agency where he harassed people to pay their bills on the phone. I worked for a small newspaper in Pineville, doing the layout in QuarkXpress and literally pasting up the paper with wax every week. I also delivered the papers and met with clients to design their ads. …