Why this 46-Year Old Woman Is Obsessed with March Madness

Every year, there are four days in March that completely distract me from my regular life. On basketball courts all over the country, battles are waged between Davids and Goliaths with lower seeded teams trying to make it to the Big Dance to become Cinderella and I simply cannot get enough. While I have loved playing the game since I was a scrappy guard on my Boardman, Ohio girl's basketball team, it is the stories that unravel each year during the NCAA tournament that truly teach life lessons for me and millions of others around the country.

For me, the NCAA basketball tournament is the perfect athletic competition that also offers many parallels to life. Yes, the BIG teams from the POWER conferences always end up with the number one seeds and deservedly so. But in no other sport do 64 other teams get an opportunity to live a dream and vie for a championship on an even playing field. And in no other sports competition is the gauntlet as difficult for those high seeds which is wh…

Perry Productions Named 2016 Small Business of the Year by Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce

Perry Productions was recently named the 2016 Small Business of the Year by the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce. The award, sponsored by F&M Bank, is given to companies with fewer than 500 employees.

Brian and Lisa Perry began Perry Productions as a newly married couple transplanted from Ohio to Cabarrus County over 20 years ago working as technical writers and publishers for their first client, Electric Power Research Institute, that continues to still be one of their largest clients today.

Recognizing the importance of the internet and website design for businesses early on, they added website development to their services. One of their first web/social media clients was the Gem Theatre in Kannapolis. The success they garnered through that account brought them many more businesses and nonprofits, and they began to grow rapidly. In 2013, Lisa was contracted by Constant Contact to speak on email marketing and social media. In 2014, Perry Productions added social …

Perry Productions Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website for the Community Free Clinic


Facebook's New Video Call to Action Option

Facebook has added a great new feature for your videos - a Call to Action that shows up when your video ends. When you couple this option with the great reach Facebook videos receive, this is a fantastic marketing tool.

So, how does it work?  If you're posting a video directly onto your Facebook page (not copying the link from YouTube or another source), you can include a link at the end of the video along with a text button that suggests the viewer click to view the link.

To add a call to action to your Page's video:
Click Photo/Video at the top of your Page's Timeline and upload a videoClick Add a Call to Action below the videoClick No Button and choose the text you'd like to appear at the end of your videoAdd the web destination where you'd like to send people who've viewed your videoYou can also create a headline and describe the link

Want to learn more about how Facebook videos are getting more reach than any other kind of post? Check out this article:  Nati…

Responsive Website for the Cabarrus County Education Foundation

Have you heard the statistics about mobile usage? Over 30% of people are now using their handheld devices exclusively to access the internet and that number will continue to grow. How does your company's website stack up when viewed on mobile devices?

The best thing to do is to go visit your own website from a smartphone and see firsthand what your potential customers, clients, or donors are experiencing. That first impression (good or bad) often means either new business or a lost opportunity.

A website built using responsive design greatly enhances your user's experience and also allows you to only have to update one website. Many companies have addressed the mobile issue by having a separate mobile site, but with responsive design, you only have one site and it adjusts based on the device that is accessing it.

Take a look at the transformation of the Cabarrus County Education Foundation's (CCEF's) website to responsive design.

Not only did the CCEF get a fresh new …

Our Next 20 Years

As we prepare to move Perry Productions into our first brick and mortar offices ever at The Old Creamery, it is hard not to reflect on the past 21 years in business and what has been the magic formula that has allowed us to thrive, sometimes just survive, and to truly still love what we do.

It begins and ends with Brian and I, our belief in each other, the genuine relationship we build with our clients, and the work ethic we learned from our parents. 
Brian and I moved to Charlotte, NC from Ohio after we both graduated from Ohio University. Here’s a newsflash: it was hard for an English and Art major to find a job in the industry in 1993, so he worked first for Rent-a-Center repossessing VCRs and then at a Debt Collection agency where he harassed people to pay their bills on the phone. I worked for a small newspaper in Pineville, doing the layout in QuarkXpress and literally pasting up the paper with wax every week. I also delivered the papers and met with clients to design their ads. …