Responsive Website for the Cabarrus County Education Foundation

Have you heard the statistics about mobile usage? Over 30% of people are now using their handheld devices exclusively to access the internet and that number will continue to grow. How does your company's website stack up when viewed on mobile devices?

The best thing to do is to go visit your own website from a smartphone and see firsthand what your potential customers, clients, or donors are experiencing. That first impression (good or bad) often means either new business or a lost opportunity.

A website built using responsive design greatly enhances your user's experience and also allows you to only have to update one website. Many companies have addressed the mobile issue by having a separate mobile site, but with responsive design, you only have one site and it adjusts based on the device that is accessing it.

Take a look at the transformation of the Cabarrus County Education Foundation's (CCEF's) website to responsive design.

Before -

After -
After -
Not only did the CCEF get a fresh new look, but it also looks great across multiple devices. Another important change was shortening their domain name from to The long URL that was very prone to typos. We've all experienced "fat finger disease" at some point or another. The shorter URL is much easier to remember as well as much more conducive marketing pieces and other promotional items.

Keep these things in mind when you are evaluating your web presence and your mobile user's experience with you online.

For more information about a responsive website, call or email us at Perry Productions, 704-788-2949,


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